What we do

Wealth Management

A success built across decades, with strong clients relationships based on discretion.

Our take

All great relationships are built on trust. Finding a partner to help you manage your wealth is as personal as financial. Its more than expertise and products, it’s finding the right team to be treated like family.

When you become a client, we become your supporters to achieve your goals. Each recommendation we make, problem we solve and objective we help you achieve is grounded in our long-term relationship. We win when you win.

What we do

Wealth Planning

We study your profile, objectives, assets and liabilities to help you find the optimum structure for your wealth. To maximize efficiency through ultimate legal solidity and minimized costs, either operational or from taxes.

We help you to continually manage the resulting group of companies, funds or trusts to always be in compliance with your goals and the regulatory environment.

Investment Management

More than money, your wealth is the accumulation of a life’s work and the resource foundation for everything you and your family will do. Your Skander’s team is your partner to drive those assets, extending your reach with deep technical skills and experience.

You overall portfolio will reflect our extensive market research and your team’s understanding of your needs in the context of your life. Skander’s team will sculpt appropriate returns for you through a range of investments that can include active strategies, alternative investments and external managers.

You have constant visibility of your assets, investment themes and risk reports through a simple, deep and meaningful wealth report produced by your team.

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