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Boots on the ground with opportunistic approach

Skander’s multy-strategy unit invests in opportunities with less influence of market direction. We focus on investments in which value is obscured by temporary factors like corporate actions, high complexity, ownership structure or momentarily market conditions.

The diverse background of our time, with “boots on the ground experience” and extensive track record position us to approach opportunities on a unique way. Our team-oriented culture and incentive structure allow capital to flow to the right ideas timely.

Investment Philosophy

We support investment theses that are economically sustainable, businesses and transactions that show a robust positioning in the competitive environment to endure in the long run.

To have both perspectives, of executives from various fields and global investment managers, allows us to continuously assess and add value on our investments.

Risk Management

We manage risks before unlocking values. Our fully integrated risk management process is designed around constant iteration, fluid flow of information and constant improvement.

Technological infrastructure is at the center of risk managers efforts to map and deploy quantitative and qualitative assessments of our portfolios.


Trust and brotherhood is what better defines the relationship between our teams, this full integration is our foundation.

Our investment teams collaborate with each other using shared resources, technology and the same market assumptions. They generate unique investment ideas and approaches, creating structures and underwriting for the widest range of scenarios.

Deep value orientation

We act with an owner mindset on investments, as if it was the only one of our portfolios. Our actions are based on a disciplined and solid strategy about every aspect that affects our objectives.

Operational, legal, social and all viewpoints are taken into consideration on our iterations, from value and risk standpoints.


Our capacity to source opportunities and execute those is an indissociable part on the success of our portfolios.

Either on emerging or mature markets, innovative or mature sectors, we treasure the way we are connected with the business environment and partners.

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